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Change How you Eat in 2019

I'm Allen Branch,

I'm the co-founder of the Trainer's Kitchen. I am a professional full-time personal trainer, performance enhancement specialist with the NASM and have been the east coast expert on fat loss for the last 12 years. I operate a 10,000 square foot fitness training center in North Carolina and my job is helping people get in shape.

I am trained in sports performance, sports nutrition, corrective exercise and I hold Black Belts in 5 styles of martial arts. I'm also proud to be a second generation student of Bruce Lee, a man whose nutrition, diet and exercise training was years ahead of his time. 

I'm Katie, 

I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, and I specialize in weight loss through proper nutrition and food planning. 

My clients are mainly women who struggle to lose that extra weight, until I teach them the simple system we have created to help you eat right and lose weight through meal planning and prep. 

Don't worry, i'm also a mom of two little girls and the wife of a man who likes to have his time with me and the family, so this system is fast and easy and actually saves time on cooking and planning. 

I teamed up with Allen to create the Trainer's Kitchen to help people just like you. It is our passion and we love helping people get the results they deserve.

  •  You want to understand nutrition but keep it simple: We have meals that you can prepare in as little as 3 minutes
  • You want FAST results from your workouts: It doesn't take nearly as much time as you think
  • You don't want to spend a lot of time on preparing food: Can you spend less than 10 minutes per day? We show you how
  •  You want to be ready for warm weather and tone up: Done, if you just follow the plan
Here are just a few of the before and after testimonials from our programs
Get in the Kitchen
What if you could learn:
-How to plan your eating for endless variety
-How to have great food choices on hand all the time
-Lose weight while eating great
Never have to purchase another fad diet plan ever again?
 The Nutrition in our Trainer's Kitchen Weight loss Portal
  •   What to Eat - Super Simple Recipes for Fat Loss and Shedding Inches
  •  How to Prep - Preparing Meals is a Snap, IF You Know How to Plan
  •  How to Shop - Save Money by Shopping Healthy
  •  How to Plan - How to Put Your Meals Together 
  •  When to Snack - Keep Delicious Snacks on Hand--We Show You How!
  •  Original Meals and Menu Plans - Tasty, healthy, nutritious meals made easy! Simple to follow, A-Z planning that will have you eating clean, forever.

Getting in Shape is 
Easier Than You Think
You will learn how and more, inside The Trainer's Kitchen
As professional Personal Trainers, it is our job to know every secret to helping our clients get the body they want, and that is way more than just working out. 
  • Simple to follow: We have meal options that start with as little as 3-5 minutes of total prep time, and workouts that take a little as 12 minutes
  • Easy to Understand: We break down each component of healthy eating and exercise planning from A-Z.
  • Why you don't need cardio: You will be surprised that you may have been doing this wrong all along
  •  Video Instruction: Learn directly from Certified Trainers on video!

  THIS is what you will get when you enter The Trainer's Kitchen:
  • Hours of Video Instruction: A-Z on what to eat and how to plan
  • How to Prep Food: Simple and quick ways to get food ready
  •  Breakfast and Lunch: How to prepare it withoutpreparing it
  • Dinners for Days: Make the last meal of the day healthy and delicious
  •  Simple Snacking: What snacks to eat on the go
  •  Trainer's Tips and Tricks: Our own secret tips for better eating and weight loss
  •  Meals in a Flash: Meals you can be ready to eat in 3 minutes
  •  AND Access to the new 5 Day Summer Shape Up Meal Plan.
The Trainer's Kitchen is the last program for fitness and nutrition that you will ever need. The program includes a full subscription to the complete Trainer's Kitchen library including how to prep food, (fast and simple) meal planning, recipes, how to have snacks on the go, lunches in a hurry, trainer's tips and tricks, shopping menu's, incredible dinner recipes and so much more.

It also includes regular updates to your weight loss portal, new recipes, ongoing support and our regular series of Trainer's Kitchen FAQ's that answer your questions each week by video.

You will also get access to our member support emails, and have free access to our Inner Circle, where you will get additional recipes and meal tips from your personal trainer's in the kitchen. 

A nutrition and diet plan could easily cost over $1200 for just a 4 1/2 hour training. But we are looking to help as many as we can in this special summer segment of The Trainer's Kitchen. 

You will get instant access to the kitchen, and can begin immediately with your new shopping list, plans and simple to follow training videos. 

What exactly were you waiting for?  

We can't wait to get you started!

-Allen and Katie
Enroll now in our Trainer's Kitchen program for an entire year, for a one-time fee of just $47.
Learn, prep, eat and lose weight. We teach you how.
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