Leading Fat Loss Expert Releases Blueprint Guide for Weight Loss Success in 2016
New Years Resolutions to shed excess weight in 2016?
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  • Want to be in Great Shape in 2016? Your resolutions are possible-But you need a plan!
Hello, my name is Allen Branch. I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, Life Coach and Performance Enhancement Specialist. I work with clients of every age, shape and size, and I know what you are going through if you are having a hard time losing weight, shedding body fat or eating right.

I have helped thousands of people reach their fitness goals and get in shape, and each time we sit down to really figure out the problem, it is always the same.

People need help with what they are supposed to eat...

So, I sat down and planned out a turn key program from start to finish to help people just like you who need help sorting through the confusing diets and meal plans on the market.

The result has been incredible. I just finished a program where my guinea pigs made awesome progress in just 21 days, and I knew I was on to something.
"This is the easiest meal plan I have ever followed, and I'll never go back" -Kim O
When I released this blueprint plan some amazing things started happening.

Boom- I had a male client drop from a 38 to a 32 jeans in just a few short weeks...

Then people started asking: What is he doing different?

Then-Another client dropped 2 dress sizes in less than 6 weeks...

Now I have a waiting list of 43 people just to meet to discuss the plan that peeled off body fat and shredded away pounds. The only way to help them all, was to design a course where I can teach others the secrets to our Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint online!

That is where you came in.
"I don't even have to think about diet or nutrition ever again, the plan is so simple ." She said...
Then,  I went to the drawing board, and refined the weight loss formula that had already helped so many into the life-changing program you are about to begin.

I wanted it to be easy to understand, to get fast results and be super simple to follow.
  • A complete online (instant access) video course on the fat loss blueprint
  • 9 different videos in the course that teach you everything you need to know
  • A work book that breaks down the entire program
  • A Cheat sheet that you can carry or post on the fridge for easy reference
A program like this is priceless for anyone who has ever struggled with weight loss and yo-yo dieting...
This is a special one time launch, just for people like you who are serious about losing the weight.
Here is what you will get with the Refuel program

Our complete nutrition blueprint work book, with everything you need to know to get started with rapid fat loss!

($49 value)

Our full online video course on the nutrition blueprint (instant access)

         ($199.00 Value)

The Printable "Cheet Sheet" for the Nutrition Blueprint program that can be placed on your refrigerator and held in your hand to keep you sticking to the rules

($9.00 value)

When we finished putting it all together, I realized the worth of the complete program was over $250...

So, I went back to the drawing board again, and had to figure out a price that everyone could afford, so that I could held as many people as possible.

But what happened next shocked me. 

I put the course together and then decided to sell the complete program, for just a fraction of the cost.
Now you can purchase the video course, workbook and cheat sheet online
I decided to give instant, immediate access to the entire program for just 14.99.

Less that the cost of a t-shirt to learn to eat clean, lose weight and stay in shape forever. 
Is it worth it?  

At $14.99 this program is a steal. It would be at any price, if it helps you escape the diet trap so many people are caught up in.

But you've got to act now, because this very limited offer could be gone at any time. 

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P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $14.99, you're getting The Fitness One "Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint" course - The program that I use to help clients of all ages get the results they want in the fastest time possible.
Fitness One REFUEL 2015 - The Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint