For anyone born before 1980...
Discover a science based training program for people over 40 that is designed for over 40 fitness and anti-aging
Better results and less time in the gym. 
Getting older doesn't have to mean you fall apart. Actually, you can restore the youthfulness of 10-15 years ago or more if you follow the right plan, and that is what project 49 is designed to do. 

We will use no heavyweights, no cardio and no ballistic jumping. We don't need it to get the job done, and I'll show you how I have done it with my clients of all ages over the past 18 years.
"Discover how people over 40, 50, 60 and beyond are gaining lean muscle, shedding body fat, increasing mobility and turning back the clock."
"Allen Branch’s Project49 is on the cutting edge of research based training. For fitness or weight loss, it can help you reach your genetic potential, and become the very best you can be. A definite recommend for anyone looking to improve their life."

Dr. John Jaquish, 42 years old

Founder of Osteo Strong, Creator of the X3 Bar and President of Titan Biomedical 
We have all seen it before. 
An ad with a super-jacked 25 year male, or a perfectly sculpted 19 year old girl  flaunting their abs with some "special workout" guaranteed to "make you look like them." 
But there is a problem.

You are not them. You have different genetics, and you should never try to emulate someone based on their "body." Simply put, you need to be the very best version of you (which will be AWESOME) and follow a program that will get results, not copy the latest instagram or youtube workout by a genetically gifted person who knows little about exercise. People follow them because they "look" a certain way, but those workouts rarely produce a change. 
The "big box" gym model of fitness has failed us miserably, offering no instruction, poor nutrtion advice (even some giving pizza at the gym) and encouraging methods that have have been out of date for 40 years. 
Have you ever wondered why the super small print in every fitness ad specifically says "results not typical" or "these results not verified?" Even if the experts know that what they are selling is a scam, they sure don't want you to know. 

Here is the real deal...

Your potential for great fitness results, being leaner and turning back the clock will not be reached by another new workout program or special system. Your results will be determined by genetics,  the proper diet and the ability to understand/perform proper strength training principles. 

We have learned how to use these principles to give people of all ages amazing results...Now our focus is on those over 40 who want to train smart...Super smart. But you need to know how,  when and what kind of exercise to do to achieve your best results fast. 

This 10 year study on people over 40 has resulted in the most comprehensive program for people over 40 ever created. My goal is to safely add muscle and strength, burn fat, improve mobility and agility and develop longevity for every age. 

Welcome to Project49. Let's find your strength. 

Simply said, Allen Branch is the" Muhammad Ali" of fitness training.  He is the best. He has been my personal trainer and martial arts instructor for the past 5 years.  During that time, I have seen my total cholesterol travel below 200 and my HDL's "good cholesterol" increase from the low 30's to the upper 40's.  This has been achieved with diet and exercise, without any medication, under Allen's supervision.  With both my dad and younger brother having heart attacks at age 41, you can see why the good cardio numbers are important to me. I have a level of confidence in myself that money cannot buy.  No two workouts are the same and at age 60, I am quicker, faster, and stronger than most men half my age

.  Thanks Allen!

Rick Marsh Age 60

What is Project49?
Learn the principles-Forget what you think you know about fitness and learn the Project49 way of leaner muscles with less time in the gym.
Study the videos-Learn the proper form, tempo, range and frequency of your workouts. Exercise is like medicine, you only need the right amount-Any more will cancel out the benefit!
Do the training workouts-Project49 members will be in special training seminars with me to learn the principles and ways to apply Project49 to every workout.
Follow the over 40 meal strategy-People over 40 can get serious results, but they also need to eat for those results. I will teach you how. 
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